Intramural Volleyball

Interested in intramural volleyball? Signups end 9/18/18 so please let us know! Email to join the league. We are also hosting for-fun volleyball as well so let us know if you would like to get involved!

Ping Pong Tournament Sponsored by MAE + BME

Hi Graduate Students!

Please join us for our ping pong tournament and social event. Starting Thursday 9/27 at 4:30 PM, we will begin a double elimination bracket for prizes. After this, the tournament will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays until complete. It will take place in the BME basement lounge in the biomedical engineering building, and some snacks will be provided. See above for an example of a double elimination bracket.

Fill out this form to sign up!

MEGA Paintball

Thank you to Jon, Max, Ardeshir, Sunny, Jerry, and Dave for attending the MEGA paintball event on Saturday 7/29. It was a lot of fun to team up and take on opponents as well as facing each other and lighting our co-workers up! We anticipate more events like this in the future and would appreciate any input you may have!


Our Presentation on 4/12/17

On Wednesday, 4/12 at noon we hosted a pizza lunch accompanied by a presentation where we showed the department survey results, and discussed various pieces of professional career advice given by our seminar speakers each week.

MAE Graduate Students Meet - FREE PIZZA

Join MEGA (Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association) for FREE PIZZA and refreshments on Wednesday, 4/12 at noon, in the Busch Student Center International Room

We will discuss department events, summarize professional career advice from our seminar speakers and discuss our upcoming trip to NYC.

Please email Rick Castellano at if you have any questions about the organization or the meeting.

Looking forward to meeting you,

MEGA Field Trip


Join MEGA (Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association) on our excursion to NYC and the Intrepid Museum coming up on Saturday 4/15. We will be departing from New Brunswick Train Station at 9:40 am on Saturday, returning 6:00 pm.


Please email Rick Castellano at to reserve your spot on the trip!

Looking forward to a successful event,

Bowling Event 1/19/17

We had a great turnout to our bowling event. With over 30 students attending, everyone had a good time. Check out our flyer. Email if you are interested in hearing about future events!

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